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    I retired from the great world of Runescape at least 4 years ago and I've only been online a handful of times since then. I don't even remember my username and password, but I'm sure after a few hours of guesswork I can piece it together.

    I **** you not, this game was my life for YEARS. Do any of you guys out there play runescape still? Or do you have any recommendations for another game similar?

    Idk why I love the medieval games so much, they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Great memories.

    If there are some scapers out there maybe we can add each other on Skype and go out in the wild and try owning some noobs with our rune 2h's and anti-dragonfire shields.

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    Re: Runescape anyone?

    Früher immer :d

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    Re: Runescape anyone?

    have never played that game heard it was good just dont wanna get hooked on any more games

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