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    I'm sorry but i'm not mother language and Someone Can have some trouble to translate.*This is a strategy game where you must command your troops to attack the enemy army...Like this there are a lots of games, thats True,but The Skill of this game is The big variety of maps,unit to control,a variety of buildings and much oder.
    Another Good point of The game is The variety of The camping for all The difficulties you want.
    In The camping of This game there are many stories thats explain The strategy done in some true fighted battle or stories of fantasy.
    The campaing is not the only one things in the game that you can play:there are the radom battle where you choose the maps where you want to play and the multiplayer games where you can play only with your friends in the private battle or play with any person that want to enter in your can choose if you want only to play with friends or not by the private button and in the same page you can choose how much money of the game you want to bet;I don't remember well but usually are 0 to 10.
    The random battle is the type of battle that I prefer*.You can play how much time you want and are you that decide how many towns there are in the maps.
    About maps there is the possibility to give to the player that is trying the game in the moment to build a maps with all the object and warriors that are in the campaings.If you want,after done it you can pubblic the map in a place where the other player can buy it.
    Another good point of the game is the disponibility of the moderetor or the developer:If you want to tell some trouble to the developer they give you the answer very fastly also are very active and they can heard you on the online forum or when you give a rate on google play.
    I think heard someone that is trying your app is very important to increase it and at my opinion this is the key to build a good app of work or game like this.
    Usually I never speak very well about the things I promote but this game is realy good and if I try I can't speak bad about it

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    Re: age of strategy

    I would suggest, this game can have more features. Right now, it looks like an advance version of Commando 3 or Age of Empire. I would say, if you could involve submarine and air craft carier with control in the hand of a single person. That will be aweseome.

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    Re: age of strategy

    ill check it out seems fun

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