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    Hi all!

    I recently created a game on Android Studio. I am a UX Designer, but had recently done a few UX projects on games and enjoyed doing it. I took some time out to do Simply Maths and one other game (Monster Play) with the development help from my developer friends. It might not be a really unique or one of kind games - please don't judge too strictly. It is my very first attempt and any feedback on the UI, features or how to improve it, will be really helpful!

    I found out about this forum also through my developer friends, but I had already put up the game on the GPlay through a publisher. But I would really appreciate any feedback and help to improve on the next games. I am unable to post a link or any images. I am also not sure how to attach an apk for you all to review, but you can access the game from GPlay on here:

    Simply Maths by Gamifying on GooglePlay

    Please leave feedback and reviews, either on this post, or on the Gplay - I will read and reply to each one
    As a newbie, I will really appreciate it and am here to learn more and stay!

    Kind regards,

    See More: Free Android Game: Simply Maths - your mental math tested!

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    Re: Free Android Game: Simply Maths - your mental math tested!

    I'm gonna try it and make sure to give you feedback .. Just keep up the hard work..

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