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    Feel the reality of car fixing process in your own professional workshop. While you repair a car, you develop skills of a car mechanic and earn money. It makes possible to buy and use better equipment in the workshop garage and finally to become the owner of a large business.

    Features of the game World of car mechanic 2018:
    12 modifications of the game world
    The environment directly depends on the day time and season, which player uses.
    The opportunity to repair 5 different cars in realistic 3D graphics
    Available options: Washing, painting, tire and bodyrepair service
    18 interiors for your workshop garage
    Purchase of additional equipment and tools
    Real sounds
    The game is completely free, no limits!

    You can download this game from Google Play!

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    Re: [FREE GAME] World of Car Mechanic, 2018

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    Hello, I downloaded the game, and when I run the game after 3 seconds it turns off alone! I do not know what is the problem !

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