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    Controlling the ball as never been easier!

    BasketRoll - a unique arcade game with elements of physics and puzzles that has a beautiful three-dimensional graphics.​
    The game is set high in the sky where you have to roll the ball along the roads and overcome various obstacles. The main feature is a way to control. You do not use the joystick and buttons, you control the ball by tilting. The goal is to roll the ball to the basket and to collect as many stars as possible.

    - Crazy levels - become the best!
    - A unique control by means of tilting
    - A large collection of football, basketball and volleyball balls - make your choice!
    - Pass all the challenges and reach the finish line
    - A game for boys, girls and adults - a game for the whole family
    - A puzzle game based on the laws of physics
    - High quality 3D graphics

    Google Play:

    Developer: Tsybasco
    Category: Arcade, Puzzle
    Language: English

    See More: BasketRoll: Rolling Ball Game (by Tsybasco)
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    Re: BasketRoll: Rolling Ball Game (by Tsybasco)

    A good one

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