Ice cream, frustration, and finally being in charge of your own portion size - what else could you want from a game?

Scoop Hoop - A game that is best described by recreating the feeling of throwing a piece of paper into the bin screaming "Kobe!"

Quick Intro
Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out this post - clearly you're someone who's looking to be the first to find the hottest games so hopefully this one won't disappoint.

I think understanding why something is made is extremely important. To keep it short and sweet, this game (like all my projects) has been made with one core purpose: to provide value. Whether it's making someone smile, giving them a little frustration in getting the next high score, or simply filling out some time on a long commute, I truly hope it brings you a little value.

This game was made using Unity, downloadable icon packs and a whole lot of free tutorials (along with a little programming knowledge and experience). I have learned a whole lot through the process of creating games (this is the first one being published but certainly not the first one made!) and have actually thought about making a separate post on my best lessons, tips & tricks, and some of the useful resources - if this is something you'd be interested in please let me know!

This is a game combining a few aspects we all love, precision, patience, aim... just kidding, it's ice-cream! If you don't want to at least give it a chance for this simple reason I'm not sure what else I can say. The best way I could describe this game is by saying it recreates the feeling you get when you throw a piece of paper into the bin proudly screaming "Kobe!"

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