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    The most anticipated games of 2020:

    1. Nioh 2 (PS4 ó March 13)

    The first Nioh was a surprise in just how well it managed to take the From Software formula and turn it into a stylish action game. In some respects, it even surpassed the Souls series with its creative bosses, but Nioh 2 will not have the luxury of lowered expectations. As you battle deadly Yokai and enhance your abilities, youíll be able to turn into the ultimate Sengoku-era killing machine, and you can once again temporarily turn into a Yokai yourself to deliver devastating blows.

    2. Doom Eternal (Xbox One, PS4, PC ó March 20)

    Who could have thought the Doom series would still be relevant in 2020? After 2016ís excellent reboot, Id Software had little else to prove in a sequel, but Doom Eternal isnít just more of the same. The Doomslayer now has blades built into his suit for more efficient demon-murdering, can fire himself from a special BFG cannon, and has a grappling hook to get around with lightning speed. As with Doom II, much of the game takes place on Earth, and once youíve completed the campaign, you can try out the asymmetrical multiplayer mode that pits one Doomslayer against multiple demons in a fight to the death.

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    Re: The most anticipated games of 2020

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