Do you want to save and control your passwords easier? Or you want to generate a secure random password?

This passwords manager app will help you to do both for free and offline.

Passkeeper has been developed to help you to save passwords and control them really easy. This passwords keeper has a modern and simple design, which helps you to control and manage passwords a lot easier than with other applications. Also, all features are free, you wouldn't need to pay anything to use Passkeeper, and this application works offline, without an Internet connection.

You can not only keep, manage and control passwords with this app, but also generate a new random and strong password. You can make a new secure password just in some clicks. After that, it will be automatically added to your passwords bank and organizer.

If you are finding offline secure password keeper and generator, Passkeeper is the best choice for you. Only by this password app, you will be able to use a personal safe password manager for free and generate strong random password simple and easy.

Features of Passkeeper:
- Generate random password in some clicks
- Add your own secure passwords to the app
- Organize, keep and control passwords offline
- Use secure password storage for free
- Save secure strong password simple and easy

Passkeeper is a safe password keeper and manager, which will manage, keep, and control your passwords offline and for free.

Download this application and start to control your passwords safely and offline.

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