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    Before you ask questions like "Will game X work on my phone X?" read this:

    There are different series of Nokia phones.

    Series 30 (Nokia 3510)

    Series 40 (Nokia 6610,7210,6100,6800,7250)

    Series 60 (Nokia 3650,7650)

    There are shortcuts like s40 for Series 40 used on this board.

    Games will only work for the series they are build on and won't work on other phones like Samsung etc. (If you have too much time, just try it!)

    Only s30 games work in a little screen on s40 (Not all!)


    If you wonder why you can't download a file, just read the FAQ first!!!!

    It will tell you that you have to post 5 times before you can dl anything!

    The Announcements board says "The 5 post rule has been eliminated! In it's place is a very nice system that deducts from your MB Cash. Each file is $50 MB or you can buy 'attachment credit' - 10 for $400 MB"

    -> Now you have to post 10 times / open up 5 topics to dl one file... Maybe that's a little bit too hard...

    What about a type of jugement method? Sr.Members could juge newbies by the content of their postings let's say by a skala from 1 (perfect) to 6 (banned) and if the rating is 1-3 they can dl files....

    If someone speaks about s55 or x55 (because there are more phones with 55 in the name like m55, ST55) you can be sure that he speakes about the siemens phones!

    See More: For All Newbies
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    Complete list of all existing phones what is s30, s40, s60, s80 or s90. Go to :,,1_0_55,00.html
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    Here are the ways to upload the things to your phone:
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