I've been a long time Sprint PCS customer and if nothing else changes (rate hikes and such), I'll probably stay with them. I've recently owned the A460 and currently I'm using the Sanyo 6400. I went with the 6400 because it was a good quality phone and looked pretty cool to boot. After using it for a while now, I think it is time to change/upgrade!
The things that matter to me are:
a) decent to good sound quality
b) ringer volume that is loud (6400 is very weak here)
c) menu system that is easy/fast to navigate
d) bright colorful display (of course the 6400 was B&W)
e) ability to link to a PC for contacts transfer,edits.
f) I think I'd like speaker phone ability but not a top need.
g) dual mode
h) I don't need a camera but it appears that you can get a phone with built in camera cheaper then one without!! So, camera quality is not an issue.
I look forward to your recommendations.

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