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    TOSHIBA TCP-900 cell phone Keypad lock mode

    I accidently locked my Daughters TOSHIBA TCP-900 cell phone Keypad,
    And I need to find out what the combination of key strokes to unlock the Keypad lock mode..

    I am totally surprised that Toshiba does not support their cell phones, on their website. If this is any help the Toshiba TCP-900 is the same as the Toshiba TCP-1000 and TCP-2000. And TOSHIBA does make the phone.

    Problem Solved! Turn on phone and enter last 4 numbers of the cell phone number.. Thats it.

    Model # TCP-900
    SN: 1245 4 0 8393
    FCC ID: CJ6DCE12146A
    Battery Pack: BL-10
    Toshiba Corporation

    See More: Toshiba TCP-900 / 1000
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