All the time I see people who don't like their phone, or want to get another one in the middle of their contract. The general advice in this post is aimed at helping people choose the phone that's right for them the first time. Deciding that you want a different phone once you're in contract can be a pricey proposition. Phones aren't cheap, in spite of the 'get five phones for a buck' deals you often see promoted. Upgrading one of those $0.20 phones while in contract can run up to $400, or more.

There are tradeoffs in all types of phones. For instance, flip phones are more resistant to damage to the screen from being dropped, and from keys being pressed accidentially, but more prone to the wires running to the upper half wearing out by rubbing on the inside of the hinge. Bar phones don't have the hinge problem, but are more prone to screen damage and accidental pushing of buttons if you don't use keyguard. Pull out antennas give the phone a greater range, but are prone to breaking off or breaking contacts where the antenna attatches to the connections inside the phone. Phones with no antennas on the outside are smaller and fit into pockets and purses easier, but also have a shorter range due to the antenna being inside the housing. Stub antennas are a compromise, but can still break off and don't have quite as much range as the pull outs. Also ask yourself these questions:

Does the phone have the features I need? Will I actually use the features I'm paying so much extra for? If I make compromises due to price, can I live without the features it doesn't have?

Can I use the phone comfortably? Is it too small for my hand? Are the buttons too small for my fingers? Can I hold it in the correct position so people can hear me and i can hear them?

Can I easily get to the features that I use most often? Is navigating the menus a problem? Do I need a BA to work the thing?

Most companies will give you at least a few days and a certain amount of time to use the new phone to decide if you like it. You'll have to make some hard and fast decisions right after you get the phone. There is a satisfaction guarantee for new service and contract extensions for most companies, but some of them have a shorter amount of time for phone swaps. So for instance while a company might have 15 days for the satisfaction guarantee, they might have only 3 days and a half hour's worth of talk time for you to swap the phone out for another one. ASK!

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