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    I am interested to know whether it is possible, with a PDA or cell phone which only has a the WAP 1.1 browser openwave,
    to surf http://www.yahoomail.com
    or http://wap.oa.yahoo.com
    and read email off the web browser without a pop3 account -
    I just want to use it with the motorola accompli 009 on pay as you go GPRS without any monthly payment.

    if someone can test this on his accompli and respond here, it will be a GREAT HELP- or alternatively, some web emulator of this browser/PDA which will enable one to test this...

    if anyone can shed some light on this subject (even not specifically related to this pda...

    as far as I know, the browser it uses is openwave 1.1
    also does anyone know, can this browser be update on the accompli to later versions?


    See More: Read yahoo mail with WAP browser without POP3

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    tag - I want to know too

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