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    OK, I've searched and searched and I can't seem to find an answer that addresses my question speficially, so here goes:

    I have psmplay....now, if I have a mp3 file that I would like to upload to my cell phone, I can do it just by changing the ext....now, it works, but the file is huge (even for something very short in length). So I've tried opening the mp3 file in psmplay, I've tried opening the midi file in psmplay, and then trying to convert it to mmf which is what I assume is what I have to do if I want a smaller file with the actual voices. Now I currently have a ringtone on my phone which I got from a friend that is 'The O.C.' theme song which has singing in it. I have the VX4500 so I assume either the song is in mmf format because it is way too small to be an mp3 file and it has voices, so it can't be a midi file...right?

    So....whether I'd use psmplay to do it? Or something else, I don't know, but obviously it's possible to do because someone got 'The O.C.' song on there in a small file....
    Help? Anyone? Please?

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    Try making the MP3 an AMR

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