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    i have a 3510i and when i download some midi ringtones, poly ones, and play them in media player, they sound great.

    when i try them on my fone, or fone emulator from the nokia site, they sound fairly the same, but some notes miss out, and the main melody sounds rubbish coz a few odd notes dont play.

    for example, when i got this midi the show, girls aloud, i was chuffed, it sounded great on media player, but was different and not good on my fone. any help?

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    The reason for this is the polyphonic chords that your phone is able to play...

    It involves the number of chords the phone is able to play at the same time...

    Your computer has different specifications to the phone so it can play all the chords where as the phone is more limited.
    Some phones play 16 chords, some play 24 and some of the newer ones even 40 chords I believe!

    Polyphonic ringingtones or Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) enables the creation of polyphonic musical compositions with a wide variety of different sounds. This means that multiple tones can be played at the same time using predefined instrument sounds such as piano, guitar, violin, drums, etc.

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    that always happens hey...sucks

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    On the head al!

    I have a 3510i and it sucks!

    You can only play 4 chords at a time! very limited!

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    yeah, i know, i got it thinking, yeah cool, i had a 5510 which is that big one with the keyboard, and it had radio and mp3, but was embaressing with its size, now i prefer that, sod it, 3510i has colour and game, and poly, but those features are sh1t compared to mp3 and radio, the main thing now, i wanna find a fone with mp3 ringtones, a lot easier, what u hear on comp is more of what u get on fone

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    my 3650 plays all chords i think, it plays em the same way it sounds on the computer

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    It can also depend on the "instruments" used on the phone...For example....even if 2 cell phones (Of different models) that both play 16 chords...A ringtone can sound different in each phone...But most of the new phones have enough instuments to play the ringtones with the same sound as on a PC

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    I would advise anyone who transfers midi's to their phone to get familiar with anvil studio.

    i had a problem where the midi sounded good on my comp, but on my phone the bass parts were too loud. Using anvil studio, you can easily make the bass softer. Its also great for making your own midi files.

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