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    No one forces you to get one, but the amount of people who are idiots about them are truely annoying.

    See More: Damn Mobile Phone Users

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    sneaking up behind you.......

    i read somewhere that potato chips can cause cancer so i think invarilin is right. there is alot of stuff that can do that. i also think the good things out weigh the bad.i love my cellphone too.
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    Your concerns are valid, but to date, there hasn't been any conclusive evidence showing that cellular phones cause any lasting damage to humans.

    I think an item of much larger concern is EMF, as schools are typically built on cheap & unwanted land under/near power lines.

    Regardless of where you are, you're being bombarded with various radio waves of weak strength all the time. However, being camped under power-lines for 6+ hours a day for 9 months a year is a much more intense concern.

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    i agree with ur noise concerns

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    Re: Damn Mobile Phone Users

    Originally posted by SorX
    I figure that this is the best place to have a go at mobile phone users.

    There are a few things that get to me about mobile users, and they are listed below:


    The main thing that gets to me, is that fact that lethal radiation is given off by these mobile phones. The phones themselves are harmful, especially to children under 18 (as the skull is not thick enough and the radiation is not stopped before it reaches the brain) and the phone masts.

    I see children going to school with the school having masts on top. Don't you think that this could be affecting the future generation of people? Is it worth the risk of having the mast on the school just for the sake of convinience? I say no! I guess that there is a reason for putting these masts on top of school. This is that the schools do not have enough money from the government so that have to endanger the health of their pupils to stay open. But that is another story.

    Another think that worries me is that after the kids have been pumped full of radiaton all day, that are then phoning their parents to come and pick them up from school, say. I think that we should redesign the mobiles so that less radiation is given out.

    You may be thinking that it doesn't really matter and that it hasn't been proven, but is it worth the risk? Would send your child into a place that has been said to be dangerous but not proved, NO!


    Another thing that bugs me about mobile phone is that they make all kinds of annoying noises, all these ringtones that are on sale, for download get a bit annoying. I don't see why people don't just save up their money and by a walkman instead of buying low quality ringtones. The songs are poor quality when they are just a series of beeps, at least with polyphonic ring tones, the song is detectable.

    I find it annoying when I am on a long train journey and manage to get to sleep spite the tremendous bumps the train makes, only to be awoken by the hellish screech of Eminems latests in 30 beeps! There should be a button to turn all mobils off at once.

    Basically, I DON'T LIKE MOBILE PHONES!!!!!!

    Thanks for reading my post, your happy friend, SorX

    Dear mr Sor(for sore fingers)X

    The amount of time it took you to write that statement you
    could have been outside breathing nice fresh air away from
    the 'damaging to your eyesight' computer monitor. Or perhaps
    the arthritis you may be getting in years for your hands,
    although it is not technically proven that arthritis is actually
    caused it is only suggested as it may or may not affect you.

    I don't think you should be using the computer, it may be
    damaging you, as you lose hours of daylight complaining about
    things that you are not happy with to users online, you need
    sunlight; its healthy, are you sure you should have spent that
    long typing it.

    Or perhaps you feel that you should have internet access
    rather than those Africans, you are wealthier than they are?
    You should donate something it is damaging them by locking
    them out of our first world.

    Or maybe the car you drive to work (if you work or drive; maybe
    you just vegetate on the computer complaining), aren't your
    fumes damaging our atmosphere, would you like an electric car?

    The point I am making is that although that was a very good
    Spleen you created it is like any other spleen....exaggerated.
    Lots of things cause problems, white whine can give women
    breast cancer, asphestos can give you lung cancer and lots
    of other stuff I need not to delve into.
    Put it this way, LOTS of things are damaging to us, even if
    not 'scientifically proven', but there are so many things people
    can complain about that are even more worth bothering to write
    about. We KNOW smoking kills people still do it...Why?, well
    if you do get cancer, then ur unlucky as not all of them do, life
    expectancy goes down? Not for everyone...

    There u go.

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    Heheh. Nice one Matrix. You reminded me of the fact that we all have to die sometime. And are we gonna die healthy? I think not. BTW, SorX may be damaging his eyesight looking at his monitor, but the muscles on his typing fingers are gonna be so toned... Oh, and electric cars will still pollute, it's just that the pollution won't be coming out the back of the car. It'll be coming out of a big chimney stack that's burning coal, or be inside toxic waste containers.

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