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    I'm thinking about getting a Sony P910 and there are alot on eBay for what seems to be to good of a price. Has anyone here had any good luck with sellers or bad luck either way let me know if you think this is a good idea or a bad one. Feel free to name names.


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    I bought a Samsung A530s from ebay. I am so happy with it. It was a really smooth and easy transaction. It was used so it already had about 5 ringtones and a game on it! Thats one of the advantages, it comes with stuff....hope this helped.

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    I've bought a Nokia 3650 and a Panasonic GU87 from eBay. Both transactions went very smoothly. Just remember to read the entire ad VERY carefully. If the auction seems too good to be true, email the seller, I've seen a lot of accounts get hacked and people posting false auctions. These are usually auctions that tell you to email the person directly and not through eBay. There's also way to many of those auctions to links out there.

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    I think Ebay can be a great place to get a cell phone -- you just have to be careful. Before buying anything, you should do your homework and just shop around a little ... it's quite easy to get ripped off on Ebay.
    It's never happened to me though. I've bought several things through there, including two cell phones.
    One phone said it was new, but it clearly wasn't (it had phone numbers stored, pictures saved, linked up to someone else's voice mail, etc...) It wasn't too heavily used though, so I wasn't upset :S
    The second one was in PERFECT condition... I just got it today!!

    P.S. Make sure you read the ENTIRE description, including the links added.

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