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    new york city

    dear paul,
    yes i can ship it to vc
    the cost of the datacable is $99+shipping
    and yes the sky datacable is faster and more efficent to the sky phones because they are built for the sky...

    if you need more answers
    email me [email protected]

    See More: SK Teletech IM 7200

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    I too have the IM-7400. It is VERY hard to use the Data Manager when you don't understand Korean, but if you have any knowledge of regular, everyday programs, they are basically the same. I know that Tommy is a straight shooter and he can come through as he says. He can also help you with ringtones and screen savers for your Sky phones. I believe there is a fee for a CD of stuff, but it's worth it, where else can you find these items. If anyone can find a program to convert ringtones, mp3's etc for the IM-7400, I would love to know about it. Even if you can find a site that we can download the songs to our comps since we can't use the internet on the Sky's in the US. Thanks

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