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    Hi, I've been searching for a new phone because I have an old one and I feel like I'm getting ripped off compared to other current deals out there.
    Anyway, I've been searching, and also made visits to Cingular, Best Buy, etc. and they all seem to have pretty good deals.
    But when I did more search, I found some companies on the web who are offering unbelievable offers. For example, on Intelenetwireless.com they are offering a free Motorola v400 for free in addition to free plugs, car charger, and free shipping, and on Wirefly.com, they're offering a free LG vx600 for free, plus accessories and free shipping. These are 200-300 dollar phones and I am just skeptical and wonder if these are scams.

    But if these people are legitimate, I can't pass up on these great offers. Do you guys know anything about these sites? Is it a scam? Please let me know.

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    The phones are free if you sign up with a 1 or 2 year contract. I got a good phone from USCellular for free.
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    Why are you interested?
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    yep, wirefly is definitely good, thats how i got my v600 for free, but i didn like that phone, but thats just me, but do it theyre good deals
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