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    hi.im from canada and im currently in south korea where they sell many motorola phones. i want to buy a model that they dont offer in eastern canada, my home. in atlantic canada we use aliant telecom, its the only provider i think. i was wondering will it work in another place? its a CDMA 800 mhz. here is a web site of the phone, buts its in korean, sorry.


    i really need help a.s.a.p!! i know there aren't too many eastern canadians probably on this forum, but help from anyone anywhere would be great! maybe someone had experience with korean phones that are brought back and hooked up on Aliant telecom. i hope so!! thanks a lot!! see ya!!

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    Telus and Bell both use CDMA in Canada, and both have coverage in Atlantic Canada. I don't know about bringing that phone over, but you can contact customer service at those companies from thier websites. (telusmobility.com) (bell.ca) I've never heard of Alliant, sorry.

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