i just want to know if you guys think the motorola v70 looks "out" (dated)?? and too little functions?
cuz i really love its looks..but im not sure if i will be able to stand its b/w, and small screen..

compared to my siemens cf62 which was cheap and small but has 65K colour, sms, picture messageing (i got camera attachment, and data cable for it as well)..but it lacks the looks.

what do you guys thing? should i keep my cf62 and go for the Design king "v70" ??(apart from v80 of course.. too expensive for a teen to have)...

basically, my needs are a phone and some text messaging. decent ringtones would be nice but not necessary..(i can transfer some to my cf62)..but the v70, how ARE the ringtones on it??

thanks!!! any HELP would be appreciated

to be honest, i really want the v70 for its looks (mainly!), but all my friends are telling me to keep my current one for its features(its a newer model)...so im TORN! i know its extremely durable though, and its too cool to answer a call. loL

p.s. here's pictures of both to "refresh your memories" of which ones im talking about


cf62 (mine is silver/grey..not pink)

thank you!!!!!

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