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    One of two Sharp 3G phones launched worldwide by Vodafone (in Japan, this is called the Vodafone V802SH) which are groundbreaking in a variety of ways.
    The main point of interest with the Sharp 902 is actually the camera - it's the first phone of any type, 2G or 3G, with a 2.0 megapixel camera in the European market, and it also comes with a 2X optical zoom. We've seen something similar in the Sharp V602SH (also a Japanese handset) which seems to be the inspiration for the Sharp 902.
    The 902 offers all the usual 3G facilities, including video calling (it has a VGA-resolution secondary camera for this), and it comes with Bluetooth, SD removable memory, Macromedia Flash playback and Sharp's excellent 240x320 pixel 262,000 colour display - and like the V602SH, the Sharp 902's display swivels to act as a giant viewfinder.
    The Sharp 902 is a fairly large phone, weighing 150 grams and measuring 102x50x26mm. This makes it a fair bit bigger than the benchmark Sharp GX --, but it's hardly enormous. Talktime is a little over two hours.
    This handset is exclusive to Vodafone, and they hope to have the Sharp 902 in the shops by Christmas 2004, as part of an impressive lineup of 3G phones. We think that the Sharp 902's specifications are so impressive, that it will sell readily to mobile power users. Price and tariffs are yet to be confirmed.
    check it out here! http://www.mobilegazette.com/sharp-902.htm

    Think ill be gettin one of them then if its ment to come out xmas this year 2.0 mega pixel camera WOOT!

    Sharp make quality phone not rip off ones like nokia who try to grab all ya moneys with diff crap phones!

    See More: New SHARP PHONES with 2.0 MEGA PIXEL CAMERA!!
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