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    I have discovered that unlike my previous phone (Nokia 3650) my Moto V600 will function as an analog modem ('feels like' a 28.8 connection speed). This eliminates the need for a separate 'data plan' with the associated per kilobyte download charges. Are there other Bluetooth phones out there that'll do this? I can find no mention of it in any phone's description (the 'internet ready' only seems to refer to the additional cost dtat connection). Even the Moto's manual doesn't say anything about it..... The slower speed makes it only good for email and very limited browsing but it sure is a convienience to be able to log on the laptop anywhere there is signal.... Gary

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    i'm looking for something similar except with a usb interface. i've heard the Motorola MPX200 will work via the GPRS connection.....if you had t-mobile and t-zones you can get unlimited data via gprs and i've heard the throughput is nice too 4-5K/s.... but that phone has no bluetooth just a usb cradle/wired connection.

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