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    Hi, I've been looking for a cellphone for a while now. But I'm having a hard time finding one with the features I want. I used to have an old T28 World, and used several of it's functions quite frequently.

    I used the alarm, as well as the stop watch function and calculator fairly often, and if these features are included in more modern phones, they are not usually advertised as having them.

    I want a realtivly thin, pocketable phone. One that flips down, or has a clamshell. (I dislike the candy bar phones) Preferablly the screen would be protected, as my cellphone is normally stored in my pocket. Also, having a screen on the outside that shows the time without having to unfold the phone would is very much wanted. (Phone used to work as my watch)

    But I also want one that actually has useful features like the ones I mentioned above. I'm never going to bother with text messages, so I don't see functions like those as really useful. If I want to send text messages I'll use my computer, if I need to talk to someone I call them.

    I'm not terribley sure of which provider to go with, though Cingular and Verizon seem to be pretty decent. (at least in my area, 30022 Alpharetta GA, USA)

    I also don't want to break the bank buying a phone. (As much as I like the RAZR for it's compactness, it's pretty expensive, with the "best" deal I've found still having the price at 300 dollars)

    Anyway, hoping someone here can help, I've been looking through diffrent phones for weeks now. And for every positive thing I see about one, theres always a group of negatives along with it.

    As much as I really liked the T28, it was prone to break. I had one break and sent it off to be fixed (after the warranty had expired), and when it died again I bought a new one off ebay, which later died as well.

    It seems really hard to find a phone with actually useful features, as opposed to just random gadgets and fluff functions. Games would be nice, but the T28 had pretty poor games, and I really liked it none the less.

    So, to sum up, what I'm really after is a flipdown/clam shell phone. One thats not terribly thick, but also durable (For pocket storage) and has a visible time display on the outside.
    Functionwise I want an alarm more than anything, then calculator, and finally a stopwatch.
    Obviously good reception is a plus, as well as decent battery life.

    Thanks alot for reading through all this, and thanks even more if you actually have an idea of where I can find the cell phone Holy Grail.

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