So many cellies to choose from, here are some of my wishes for upcoming phones, and post some of the feature/qualities you want on a cell phone too~

Size - the smaller the better, no more than 110g
Screen - gotta be bigger than 2'1 inch & 260k color TFT
Camera - mega pixel and up & able to record vid clips
Connections - bluetooth is a must, but how about WiFi too?
Audio/Video - able to use it as a media player also, for mp3s & vid clips, who needs ipod now..
PDA w/ GPS - touchscreen be nice, and a OS like symbian or windows mobile

Basically what I want is an intergration of cell phone, camera, PDA, and media player into 1 light weight unit! As of now, Nokia 7610 & the new 6670 is the closest match; Motorola MPx220 is also looking nice (but CMOS cam). Tell me what you think and if you got any suggestions.

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