A lot of my friends seem to be concerned about the government
interfering and watching over our daily lives, but what was surprising
to me was to find out (through a new documentary) that major news
organizations are also playing a part, though much less publicized
(because ironically they run the media!)

Case in point: Al Franken. Here’s a gentleman who was looking to have
his book published called “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them”. The
book basically exposes many unknown truths about the lies and dark
sides of major news organizations. Once Fox News heard about this book,
they went to court and tried (unsuccessfully) to stop its publication.
To me, that’s pretty scary. I feel that Americans have the right to
know what’s going on. If the government doesn’t tell us the whole
truth, and now we’re learning that the people that run the news that we
watch each night are doing the same to us, what can we do?

The film is called “The First Amendment Project”, and I first saw it
about a month ago at the Hamptons Film Festival. I know it won’t get as
much publicity as Michael Moore’s recent documentary, but in my
opinion, this movie is even more important because it exposes the
people that are bring us the news in the first place. I’m sure you can
google the name of the movie for more info, or if you want to catch it
on Court TV next Tuesday night at 10pm. I’m going to tape it for a
couple friends since no major networks would air it, and not everyone
has cable.


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