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    I've used the search feature on this forum, but couldn't find anything exactly that answers my question.....so I'm sorry for asking this question, cause i know its a repeated question.

    is there an alternative way to get a better reception? I just got my new cell phone/plan, and the phone recieves excellent reception wherever I go. The cell phone also has excellent reception in buildings, even deep inside office buildings. However, my phone does not work in my home, which is about 8 miles away from the town where the tower is located. I can get reception in our backyard, about a foot away from our house (typically a bar, few feet beyond that, i can get anywhere from 2 bars, to almost 4 bars) however, if i go inside the house, or go in the front yard, there is no reception. So my theory is, my home is basically the borderline of none, or bunch of reception. What could I do, (inexepensively) to enhance reception? I have looked at the cell phone repeater as i have found recommended on this site, but they're too expensive for what little distance I need to get reception.

    So if anyone has an idea what i can do, please let me know. BTW, i have T mobile with the SGH e315 Samsung phone. Fars I can understand, this is one of the better phones for receptions. If I am wrong, let me know. I wouldn't mind getting a different phone (as being the last step)....

    Additionally, I know i'll get my ass kicked for repeating another question to death..... What about those cell phone reception boosters? I know they probably won't work in areas no more than 5 Sq FT....but as i think about it, thats probably all the enhancing power I need, to get the reception in my home... But if they absolutely do not work, even not enchancing withine 5sq ft, then please let me know......and again, if you can think of an inexpenesive alternative, please let me know... .

    thanks a bunch in advance..


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    after searching the forums, I guess the most recommended method to increase reception, is by an amplify repeater......... nevertheless, I did some research on this, and made some discoveries (they may not be new to you, but they are to me!)....I discovered cable TV amplifiers (available at radioshack) have the same band ranges as cell phones (800-1920) with minor variations, with amplifications up to 7dB... Could it be possible, to hook up an outside magnetic antenna to the amplifier, as well as hooking a wireless antenna to the amp. making this amplifier wireless, and not needing to hook anything up to your cell phone, and would amplify the cell phone 's reception?

    this method would resemble just like this

    if this were to work, you could have a total 16.32 dB gain.

    Does anyone know if this'll work or not? thanks

    Happy Holidays!

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    go beyond the front yard, across the street in front to the neighbors yard. do you get reception there?

    your situation sounds really strange to have that much variance in reception in such a short space. could there be something at your house causing interference? (have you considered changing the steel siding to vinyl? only half kidding, but......)

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