I used to have an old clunker NEC handset with a "partial lock" feature that allowed the speed dial and emergency numbers to be dialed and incoming calls to be answered, but nothing else. This was a great feature, and I'm searching for a modern handset that offers something similar. (With my current Nokia handset, they won't even let me toggle from silent to ring when the thing is locked -- which brainiac programmer forgot to think this one through? No usage studies, obviously...) I can't believe how difficult it is to find this information!

Here are my criteria:
1. Ability to lockout phone features (phone book, ad-hoc outgoing calls, etc.) while leaving speed dialing active.
2. Ability to toggle between silent and ring when locked.
3. Not a "flip" phone.
4. Prefer an internal antenna.

Can anyone point me to a web site where I can compare "advanced" usage -type features like this, or suggest a handset model that has these features?


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