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    My head is going to explode with all the cell phone, carriers, plans out there. I have been researching everything for the past week and the more I look into it the more confused I get. I think I just might choose not to choose. No phone = no choices, no money, no contracts = no headaches.

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    that's good but look on the other side! if you get stock in the snow or your car breakdown. it's good if you have a cellphone on your side. even the prepaid one just use it on emergency. t-mobile and cingular prepaid the $10 last for a month. just put another $10 before 30 days and the old money you have will carried over to the new load that you put in. think about that it's only $10 a month for safety.

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    If you choose not to decide... you still have made a choice!

    Sorry, I had to post that quote from "Rush - Freewill".
    Seriously though, good luck with making your choice.
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