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    To be honest here! I need a phone and plan that is just a basic phone with no bells and whistles. I do not need a phone for Internet or wallpapers or anything of that sort. My fiance and I are disabled mentally and spend money like it grows on trees. Are there phones out there that don't have the features for instant messaging and Internet or at least you can easily password disable the feature?

    I am with Sprint now and they stink! You can enable and disable at your will and rack up minutes! Cingular is the best option around here in St.Joe, MO where I am but just wondering if there is anything I can do or missing?


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    how much you are paying a month to your sprint right now? im on t-mobille family plan, $49.99 i pay a month. you get two free colored phone. no roaming charge. no long distance charge. free t-mobile to t-mobile (even you are calling another t-mobile customer any where in the u.s) you and your fiance can talk unlimited. free nights and weekend. go to www.t-mobile.com and see the plan that's right for you.

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