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    I have SprintPCS right now and am interested in changing to another provider because of the poor service of Sprint. Indoor call quality is just as important as outdoor quality for me and Sprint seems to have bad service once you get into a building. I frequently get only 2 or 1 bars in buildings. JD Powers says that T-Mobile has the best call quality for Houston (dunno if that applies to indoor or not), but what do y'all think?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Please respond!!!!!

    Does anybody have any idea about who has the best service in Houston?

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    you can always look the web and see the network coverage of each network provider. what i have right now is t-mobile they even have coverage to the philippines by just activate the international roaming (it's free). i have no problem with them.

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    bars can mean very little 2 bars 4 bars...... different phone manufacturers have configured then differently at various times.

    are your calls dropping? are you unable to connect at all? if this is not the case, you may trade a "perceived" fair-poor situation for a worse one when changing to an unknown provider. stay with a phone that doesnt drop or fail to connect.

    if you are dropping calls in the buildings you are talking about (work? Dr's office? mall?) find someone in that building who has no problems and ask them 1. what model phone they are using (Very important) 2. what provider they have. dig in with the folks whose feet walk where you walk and get some honest answers.

    but you know, someone else in Houston will have completely different experience because they don't live where you live. Houston is a big town and ALL providers will have varying levels of coverage and consistency over a large geographic area such as a major metropolitan area. Don't buy into simplistic answers "oh so and so stinks (or rocks)". What is happening where YOU live and breathe? that is the question.

    hoping for the best, KrispyKreme. take good care.

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