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    Hello Forum.
    I live in Buenos Aires Argentina. My mother bought a cellphone in Madrid, Espaņa a week ago and she brought it here with the intention of using it.
    Is a GSM cellpone, the brand is UNIS Digital Innovations. Behind the battery among japanese carachters I read U88 UNIS.

    I looked for information on the cell phone over the internet and couldnīt find anything about it. It doesnt seem to have IR and it didnīt come with an USB cable. Is this brand known up there?. What opinion does this cell phone deserve?. How do you download the photos to the computer?.

    Thanks all for the information.

    The thing is that Id like to know more about the mobile before making the change from her old Motorolla to this new but unknown phone.

    I uploaded some photographs of it. The color of the phone is White.

    See More: Misterious Cell phone Brand
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    that phone is not from japan. japanese and korean cell phone don't use sim card (cdma) the phone maybe from any country in asia.

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    Unis is a Thai brand.
    You will find all you need to know here:

    To download ringtones etc. You can do it via WAP over GPRS providing you service provider has the revelent settings. (Contact them to find out) and you can find a provider that has content for this phone.

    I have played with the u100 and from my limited experecne they apper to be good phones.

    I am a little concerned with warranty, so beware if the phone playes up. It might be difficult to get it fixed.

    But have a play with it and let me know.

    Also: Remember that Japan and Korea now run 3g networks so you might see more of these "Asian" phones appearing in youir area.
    These phone do use sim cards but work only on the 3g network.
    Most 3g phone you find will be either network or sim locked.

    Hope it helps.
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