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    I was asked sometime ago about all the modifications I make to my cellphone and if there was a easy way to mod a phone without actually having to change out faceplace, inverting screens, etc.

    Well, after some searching I found this site. It has to be one of my better finds in sometime. These people will make custom covers for just about any phone. The first cool thing is they will make front and back cover mods, but they will also make inside mods if you have a flip phone.

    The best part of this, is they are a sticker like material. Cut specifically for your phone. They are durable (I mod'd my wifes 4500 this way and she carries her phone in her purse with no leather case or cover on it, so it take a beating with all that other crap she carries in there). I did this to her phone about 2 months ago and not a scratch or anything on the outside anywhere. But, once they do start to show wear, or if you get tired of the mod, you can just remove them and start all over.

    To read more about this or to get your own phone mod'd, here's the link:

    TEGO Custom Covers

    See More: Changing cellphone appearances
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    Interesting... I wonder what the material is though and how well it works... is it vinyl... static cling...? It seems like it might be printed using a laser printer or something similar. Not a bad idea though and for what... $30 some for 4 sides.

    I'm more interested in the franchise part myself though.

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