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    My question is out there if anyone wants to do something to help me.....awsome, if not, thats cool too.

    I am a digital animation student in baltimore, md. I was wondering if anyone out there had a CDMA phone lying around that they were not useing. I want a nice phone, but i have so many other things i have to spend my money on, and school is more important. I usted to work for sprint so i know that people just have phones all over the place. As i have noticed, being a digital arts person, its nice to be able to do multiple things your phone and computer. I really like the fact that you can do all that **** with bluetooth. Even though i know i can not pay you in money, i CAN pay you by doing a design for you or a company for free. I design logos and do most if not alot of the flyer designs for 3 clubs in baltimore and 2 in DC. I also work closely with 2 tattoo shops where i can draw u something and they will do it for nothing (bec i give them art for $$ and favors such as these ones). I know that just bec im a broke college student doesnt mean i should get **** 4 free, but i really think that a nice phone will help keep me more orginized and help with actually getting phone calls... right now i have a V60s from verizon.....crappy crappy phone....
    thanks in advance to all and everyone...

    michael parisi
    Baltimore, md, usa

    [email protected]

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    I don't have one available, but I thought I would help you keep your post at the top of the list. Good luck,

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    excuse my lack of knowledge, what is a cdma phone?, i've got several phones lying around (nokia/motorola) if u can use, u can have

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    I have a cdma phone, but is locked. Is a flip phone, but you can't do much with it, except:
    text message
    make calls

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