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    The wife and I are going to switch providers at the end of our contract (have Verizon currently) and I'd really like to go with a provider that doesn't require us to download ringtones through them. The phones we currently have aren't capable; but we'd have to pay $300+ for two phones to get the capabilites - its cheaper for us to change carriers.

    I realize the choices are likely slim to none as this is a market they're likely to want to keep a tight fist on.

    What providers (if any) allow users to make their own MP3 ringtones? Any suggestions on phones?

    I mean, if the phones are capable and we have the means to do so (software and datacable) without having to hack 'em..

    I've tried searching Google for answers, but keep getting a crapflood of phone sites either selling ringtones or refurb phones, etc.

    Whle we're on it - any suggestions for same with camera phones that don't require email to get the pictures? Surely a datacable can be used to get the pictures!


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    Won't you have to pay for two new phones once you change carriers? Are you saying that the new carrier your going to has the phones you want, and are free or cheaper than what you can get at Verizon?

    Umm...one of the providers that allow user's to make their own ringtones and put them on their phones is Verizon. There are many others, and as a matter of fact, we started on thread on how people put ringtones on their phones. It is located HERE

    Also, you won't have to hack the phones, and with a cable and appropriate software, it doesn't cost a thing. (without software, it'll cost ya a few cents per clip)

    Same with pictures. With appropriate software and a cable, you should be able to get your pic's off with no problem. (or as you said, email them to your computer for a few cents)

    I'd like to know who you are going to switch to, and what phones you are plan on getting that's going to have the capabilities you want, and the cost of each phone. You have my curiosity peeked here.

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    Interesting - In looking @ Verizon's service, I'm given the impression that in order to get ringtones, we're going to have to buy-up to capable phones (currenly both have uber-cheap v120e) and use their stupid 'Get It Now' service, which isn't free. See http://getitnow.vzwshop.com/gettones...phoneId=&tab=2

    I'll take a look @ the thread you've linked to when I get a sec (thanks!)

    Even if we stayed with their service (really, little/no complaints) at the end of our contract, they'll only give $100 towards the purchase of another phone.

    As for paying for two new phones when we switched carriers - from what I've seen window shopping (with the exception of NEXTEL) it looks like I can get fairly decent phones for a helluvalot cheaper by switching carriers.

    I was also really hoping to find someone who uses the SIM chips. Kinda nice to be able to just switch phones if I need to w/o having to get a tech to reprogram it and keep my settings.

    Yeah, I know. I'm not asking for much, eh?

    Quote Originally Posted by bossdragon
    I'd like to know who you are going to switch to, and what phones you are plan on getting that's going to have the capabilities you want, and the cost of each phone. You have my curiosity peeked here.
    Yeah, me too! That's why I was asking!

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    t-mobile and cingular both use SIM cards, and if you get their internet you can download ringtones from a free site for free, only paying the cost of the internet subscription. if you don't, then you can get them off of their own webpages for a per download rate. or you can email them to your phones charging you a per message rate as they are multimedia messages, so unless you get the cable and software it will cost you a bit
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