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    Found a lost phone literally laying in the street in Adam's Morgan Washington DC tonight. I dont know if it was dropped too hard (nice chunk out of the side) or it was a very brand new phone as there are no #s in contacts or previous calls. Im guessing the "right" thing to do is call Verizon and ask how to return a lost phone? Its a a670. Guessing its very wrong to ebay it

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    Yeah, if it was me, I'd turn it in. It is tempting to try and make a quick buck, but put yourself in the person who lost the phone's shoes. If it was yours, wouldn't you want somebody to turn the phone in?
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    "flopped"? wowsie Boss... your's must be way different than my cheapie thing,,, mine has never flopped...
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    Definitely wrong to ebay it. I hope you were just being funny with that mention...

    ...suspicious that there were no calls made from it or anything else on it... of course, you also found it up in Adams Morgan...
    the owner was possibly too drunk to notice losing it.

    the only thing you can do is turn it in, in that situation.
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    Yeah joking about the ebay thing Think theres nothing in the phone because its broken, eh. Flipped it open this morning to see if someone called looking for it and the screen was all funky.

    Anyways who can I turn it into? Was hoping there is a verizon 800 # I could call or something?

    Verizon store would make sense...
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    LOL ebay! well, if ur a gd guy give to the police and see if they have any 1 who has lost a fone and then if they dont then u could end up havin it or may be not

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