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    I'm havin trouble with my ****ty Sharp TM100 phone! I know nobody has this phone...twas one of the reasons why I bought it! Silly me...

    At the moment, I'm havin trouble with linking it up to my computer. I bought a data cable a while back and it was working fine back then, but now its decided to play up!

    The data cable hooks up to the phone via USB port and through the phone's 'charging passage'. Now every time I start the software on my computer - Handset Manager - it says its "Trying to connect to the handset" but it actually never does. Curiously, the battery icon on my phone keeps flashing indicating that it is being charged. But now, I'm starting to get charged cos contrary to what the software says, I can't actually manage my handset.

    I would just like to know if anyone else has had this problem with any of their phones and if so, how they went about fixing it?

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    I have a TM150. My USB data cable works fine.

    I launch the Desktop app, plug in the phone, and then go to Settings==>Connectivity==>PC Link on the phone. If your phone isn't at "PC Link", the Desktop app will stay at "Trying to connect..."

    Good luck!

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