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    Hi all,

    new to the site, and definitely new to the GSM concept, as i've been a sprint user for the past 5 years!

    i'm moving to London for a year this fall, and am researching my options. So far, the best bet seems to buy a phone from here (much cheaper!) and use a local SIM card from there. My plan is to get the SIM from there and buy a 'recharge' card so i can keep a permanent # for the year. Question is: where can i find FAIR PRICED unlocked GSM phones without signing up for a plan (i checked amazon, and T mobile). Or...is it better to buy a locked GSM phone, and then have it unlocked by some of the websites that offer that service?

    Also, would you recommend a dual-band, or tri-band?

    ...or if anyone has any suggestions about this, since i'm still researching my options!

    thanks so much!

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    hi phatzoo!
    get tri-band phone. check this site. www.samstores.com and www.welectronics.com they both located in chicago and all the phone they sell is brand new and unlocked.

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