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    I'm a bit uneducated in terms of the cell phone brands and finding a good quality phone with the features I'm looking for at a reasonable price. I'm basically looking for an interesting-looking phone (should be appealing to the eye) with some of the following features:

    - Possible FM Radio
    - MP3 Ringtones ( a necessity )
    - Ability to send/receive data between PC to Cell Phone
    - Camera
    - Text Messaging (Must be standard now)
    - Great Reception

    I'm from Canada. Just bought a Nokia 6670 earlier but returned it because of it's cramped keypad... but it was a pretty neat phone though.

    I really have taken a liking to the Sony Ericsson phones but I've been told that the reception is terrible with them.

    Please feel free to spread some light on my situation in terms of what brands to look for, what phones are cool etc.

    Any help from you guys is greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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    Paradigm, you can check out the Cell Phone Review section of the forum to find information about particular phones.

    Here is my review of the Motorola V551, if you're interested.

    Happy hunting!

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    You can also go to phonescoop.com and there click on phone finder. U can select the characteristics you want on your phone and they'll find it.

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