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    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone here uses or used the "Simple Freedom Prepaid Cell Phones?" My husband, daughter and I all have one, my husband has had his about 2 1/2 months now, my daughter about a month I've had mine about 2 weeks now. We had our home phone turned off because our providers couldn't get the monthly bill correct and wouldn't fix the problem. Anyhow, we all have these phones and starting about a week ago, we are not always about to make outgoing calls. I have called them three twice now, the first time they said their was an outage in the 330 calling area and gave my husband 7 free minutes on his account and 5 free minutes on mine. They also said the problem would be fixed by the next day. The second time I called they said the problem would be fixed in a day and a half, supposedly they were still an outage in the 330 calliing area, they gave us each 10 free minutes back on our accounts and said that was the last time they could give us any minutes. My husbands brother has just been diagnosed with cancer and is hanging on by a thread, we now have no home phone and can't depend on our cell phones no longer and right now, we really need them to know what's going on with his brother. It really ticks me off, we paid for these phones and buy the airtime cards and should be able to use them when we need them. For a week now it's hit and miss when we need to make a call. We've decided to go tomorrow and buy a different prepaid call phone, we're thinking about the "Net10" phone. Anyone have it or had it and if so, what has your exsperience been with them? Anyone else ahving this trouble with the "Simple Freedom Prepaid Cell Phones?"


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    Net10 is the same as trackfone.

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    Ya, I know, I've researched them all and noticed that last night. My Simple Freedom phone STILL won't dial out. I called customer service back today and they added an additional 10 minutes to all of our accounts but a lot of good that does when you can't use your phone....


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    prepaid phones//

    i think the best thing to do is to get 1 phone under contract so you can depend on it.. my husband has us cellular, never any trouble, i have hearing loss, a phone being about usless to me,so i got a prepaid so he can text message me, but cant get it to work so faR..

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