Hey guys... I am going to buy a e815 and I wanted to have my headset ready to go. I wanted one with an LCD and so far I only know of 2. The Jabra Bluetooth BT 800 and the Sony Ericsson HBH-660 Akono.

Are there any others? Is there a way to have the headset show the NAME of the person calling if they are in your address book and not the number? (By using a hack or something?)

Which of those two should I get, or should I get a different one (if there are others).

Are there others without a LCD which are better quality than those?

Are there any new headsets coming out in the near future that will have LCD (showing number OR name) that I should wait for?

Also, is there any way to add custom ringtones to the headset? I don't see why that should be so difficult.

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