I have tried to find a solution for my problem all over internet but it seems I am the only one with it The problem is, that my games just won't save. I run them, get through some levels, change options and when I retart the game later, everything is asi if I was running the game for the first time. That takes a lot of fun from many games, because I have to start all over again every time. I don't have this problem with every game, just the newer ones. Older games work just fine, they save as they should. But the newer ones (Ancient Empires II, Zuma, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory) don't. I have MANY games on my phone (around 15), so I thought, it was just too much for my mobile's memory. But deleting few older games didn't solve anything, If anyone knows where is the problem or a solution, please tell me. Thank you

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