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    I currently have the Samsung P207 phone. This is very sexy phone and I love it but its is missing some good features and qualities, therefore, I need suggestions for a new phone.

    The phone HAS to have a sleek look. I do not want some old looking phone; the phone must be appealing. The phone needs to have an MP3 player, an FM radio, the volume MUST BE LOUD. My p207 phones volume is terrible and LOUD volume is a necessity. I want it to hurt my ear if i have it all the way up and I'm talking to someone if you know what I mean (this goes for especially ring tones, alarm, etc..). It needs to have a nice camera on it (better than the p207 atleast and better resolution than 640 x 480. I need edge technology, AIM messenger, ability to connect to my PC with a cable so I can put mp3 ringtones on and stuff. Personal experience with a phone like this would be preferred...So, any ideas? Please help (I know its specific but please give me what you got close to it). Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Need suggestions for new phone PLEASE (Current:Samsung P207)

    Hi i suggest you for Samsung B313- Metro this phone have Loudspeaker Yes,3.5mm jack and 2GB internal memory...
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