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    I tried to call a friend on her cell this evening, but keep getting the error message "the number or code you dialed is incorrect. Please check the number or code and try again." Now, I KNOW this is the correct cell number I am dialing, and the number was valid this morning. I asked cellular about this, but as I don't know her carrier, they couldn't explain the message. Could this message be heard if a phone number was changed or disconnected? Wouldn't the message say that if that was the case? Cingular suggested that message may be heard if she blocked my number. I can't imagine my number would be blocked, but would this be the message I would hear if it was? Or is there some network problem? Anyone out there know?

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    Re: the number you dialed is incorrect

    I know how you feel! For the past couple weeks I have been getting the same exact message, and I know my friend wouldn't cut me off without at least telling me ahead of time. She has no computer to email me, so that makes it even hard to reach me. I did try calling her when I was out of state on a trip, and I still got the same message, so that was actually a good thing in a way. At least I know I wasn't blocked! I just hope its a temporary technical problem.
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    Re: the number you dialed is incorrect

    i had this problem aswell couple of months ago....but it wasnt my fone dat had the problem it was my friends fone

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