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    sorry to say but there are no "cheap" gsm phones in japan, they dont use gsm over there... u can only find 3G phones that also have gsm capability, like the sony ericsson v800 or the sharp 902...

    after u bring it over, u gotta flash/unlock it assuming u cant read japanese, and u want to use it with a carrier back home

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    Quote Originally Posted by robb4248
    Hey guys, Ill be traveling to japan soon, and plan to buy a cheap GSM phone there to bring back to the states. But... I have one question... CAn it work back here in the states? I'm not sure if it will or won't... but im not sure... lol... will i have to re-flash it?
    hi robb
    japan use wcdma network and if you planing to buy from japan make sure the the phone is capable to verizon or sprint network.
    but if you see nokia 6630 which is gait phone
    get it! this phone works on gsm and wcdma tri-band and edge.

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