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    Hey everyone! I'm interested in a phone that is web-enabled and can run some sort of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client - official or not. So far I am well aware that the Sidekick II and T-Mobile services do the job well; I know a couple of people who use that combination. I'm also here to know if there are any other good combinations such as the one above and if any other users on this forum who uses the Sidekick II / T-Mobile service are pleased. I will be using whatever service I chose in the Sacramento area of California. Thanks to all who reply!

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    I use the sidekick II and I am more than pleased, I am astonished(big word) The services are unbelievable.. Aim works like a charm. IRC is awesome, Email is fast, Web Browsing is as easy as 1-2-3. The only thing I dont like that much is the camera (but I am sure that they will fix that problem when the sidekick III comes out... HOPE THIS HELPS

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    how did you get irc working on your sidekick2? i recently purchased one but can't find a client for it. please post a link or email me directly. Any help would be appreciated.

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