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    I'm going to be switching to cingular or verizon soon. I have heard that these two carriers provide the best coverage for me in my area. So I figure I should base my decision on the phone I can get.
    I can get the following phones for free:

    Samsung C207
    LG VX4650
    Kyocera KX1v
    Samsung SCH-n330
    Nokia 6010
    Nokia 3120
    Samsung SCH-a650
    Motorola V60s
    Motorola V180
    LG VX3300
    LG C1300i

    I did a little research and ranked the phones from 1st to last based on reviews I read.
    I'd appretiate some advice on which phone(s) you beleive are best.
    Being able to pick up a signal and hear the person I'm talking to is most important. I'd also like to beable to load games or ringtones onto my phone from my computer using a cable.

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    I have a V180, but I dont use it (aquired it from a relative)
    its a nice phone, you can put custom ringtones, wallpaper, and java games on it with a data cable (generic mini b cable) and data pilot

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    I went out looking at phones, I think I def want a non-bar type phone with a 2nd display so I can see the clock.
    here are the issues I found with the phones.

    LG VX4650 - the big speaker phone looks akward and makes the screen smaller, poor battery life, otherwise it seems good

    Kyocera KX1v - might be ok, but looks ugly, and has poor battery life.

    Samsung SCH-n330 - the slide looks very cool, but from reviews it seems to be the only good thing. Also, there is no way to turn on the backlite without poping it up and it has poor battery life

    Samsung SCH-a650 - no 2nd display

    Motorola V180 - I held it in my hand and it seemed like it was of poor construction and flimsy. I didnt get a chance to really try it because they didnt have a battery in it.

    so I think I'm either getting the
    VX4650, KX1v, SCH-n330, or V180

    they all seem to have problems. Unfortuatenly, I have no way of comparing audio quality and reception.

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    If your down to those four phones, then I'd say either the 4650 (LG makes some very good phones) or the Moto V180 for no particular reason other than I really hate Samsung or Kyocera.
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    Enrico Ng
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    is there something specific about those mftrs?

    I've browsed the forum and people seem to really like moto, lg, samsung, nokia.
    I havent heard much about kyocera.

    I'd prob get the 4650 if it wasnt for that giant speaker.

    I'd also prob get the n330 just for the slide function, but I've seen bad reviews for its quality.

    The Kyocera phone seems good review-wise, but I'm uneasy because I never heard of that company.

    just from first glance at the v180, I didnt like it, but I've heard 3 people recc that phone so I should prob take another look.

    Do you know if I am able to load ringtones, games, etc via computer using all of these?

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