Hello, thanks in advance for helping me with this.

I need a comm package that will provide coverage essentially globally, less the polar areas. I am US based but travel worldwide. I need to be able both to call out and receive calls. Most of the time I am in urban areas with one of the 4 cell bands, occassionally not.

I think I need a quad band cell with US and global service. My impression is that will do for most of the urban areas. For the rural areas I have used an Iridum, but have not been very happy with the reception with the built in antenna, perhaps an outboard dish antenna would help. Unfortunatly, Thurya and Globalstar do not cover some areas I need, as far as I know. I would prefer email capacity for the remote areas also - another problem with the standard Iridium 10K service, email is nearly impossible.

Highest priority countries for me are:
New Zealand
Costa Rica

Can you help me get the broadest possible coverage with the minimal amount of gear, SIMS, phones, etc.?

THANK YOU for your help with this mess!


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