Hi everyone,

I have a question that seems complex to me, but maybe to you all it's really easy (?) I am interested in setting up a photoblog to document a 2 week trip. My goal is to send about 200-300 photos to the blog PER DAY, and also have a (very) brief caption for each one. I have heard that you can do this through a cell phone, but here are my questions:

- What is the absolute BEST cellphone to do something like this, mainly for the best picture quality and speed of sending to the blog? Price is not an object in this case.

- I am guessing that 300 photos/day is a lot for a cell phone to handle, but none of these photos need to be saved on the phone after they have been sent to the blog. So is this feasible? Or do I need a phone that can actually store 300 photos? Are there any phones in existence with that much memory?

- Are there any BlackBerrys that can take photos? Maybe that would be a better option than any cell phone for a project like this?

I also was wondering if you know of the best/easiest place to set up a photoblog (don't mind if it costs).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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