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    I was at IKEA the other day, and I saw this 45ish man wearing a BT Motorola headset. I noticed that he wasn't talking to anyone, but just had it on full-time.

    There's no denying that he's doing it to show off. As we all do with our toys.

    Now the question has two sides. Do YOU wear your headset FULL-TIME, as this goomba does-for

    A) practicality
    B) just plain lazy to put it on when there's a call?
    C) Do it to show off/look cool.

    or do you just keep it handy, and put it on when there's a call?


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    Hehe... I've not see that really... everyone I know is talking on them when I see them. I must say that my secretaries and receptionists are wearing them almost constantly whilst on the clock but... certainly not for a fashion statement or to show off. Interesting. Maybe he just wanted an excuse to not have to talk to anybody?

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